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Since the beginning of the scientific study of explosion of gases, vapors and dust dispersion liquid, the explosion acotclaves to 20-L were used for the determination of explosion parameters used. These paramaters were determined under the standard test conditions.

Today, however, the industry is increasingly desirable research work in the areas of large volumes and over 1000-L. Most industrial processes, also takes place under abnormal conditions i.e. elevated temperatures and pressures. We're building on this trend have designed a prototype of a 1000-L autoclave Traced explosion, which serves as a bridge between laboratory and industrial scale. At the same time improving the possibilities for well-defined testing under laboratory conditions.

Our version of the explosion autoclave to study since many of the same as the standard 20-L devices to amount 50 times greater with the ability to vary the spatial and temporal concentration ratios among the inflammable substance and an oxidizing agent and use different variants of ignition sources from chemical, through heat to electricity and all at a physically higher initial temperature inside the autoclave.

Risk of explosion is associated with a variety of technological equipment of basic and industrial research related to the safety of production, storage, transport and use of fuels, including unconventional fuels, combined or prepared from waste or renewable energy sources. In this context, our laboratory has also a 20-l autoclave výbuchovým providing accurate results, which can, if necessary, correct the results of the 1000-L.

Our aim is to promote cooperation in various states in both the industrial and research and development in the study of elementary processes explosions. Autoclave proposal responds to the current and expected future trends in the Czech Republic and worldwide. That is why we have developed a body of the autoclave so that it can be adapted to the most demanding industrial and scientific projects.

The results of our research are aimed eg. To produce more efficient ignition sources, which enable enterprises to more effectively controlled manner and determine the parameters explosion. This device is adapted to work with a large number and different types of test materials. Can convert energy explosion to explosion parametry.V rare within the world is a unique project.