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The Energy Research Centre (ERC) is an authorised and accredited laboratory in the area of measurement of emissions of pollutants from energetic and technological sources. This particularly involves concentrations of gaseous and solid emissions within waste gases, including air handling and reference concepts of waste gas. The energy research centre thus holds two certificates.

  • Authorization for emission measurement in accordance with Act No. 201/2012 Coll. On Air Pollution Control
  • Accreditation No. 1166.3

Activities of this department further focus on measurements of the efficiency of incineration facilities based on accredited procedures and further special operational measurements in the area of heating technology and incineration, including the continuous sampling and analysis of gaseous emissions from the incineration chamber, including that of SO2 and H2O.

ERC is the only accredited laboratory in the Czech Republic carrying out continuous measurements of the concentration of ammonia and of gaseous phase of mercury in the waste gas from incineration sources.