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The Gasification Division is focused on research in solid fuel conversion to various energy types (mainly heat and power). Apart from wood biomass or coal, also alternative fuels on the basis of sorted components of municipal waste or unreusable agromaterial types can be used as a fuel today.

The Gasification Division successfully completed a number of research projects in cooperation with Czech and foreign research organizations and industrial partners. The projects were financed from Czech and European subsidy programmes or based on direct commercial collaboration with private entities.

Our offer

We offer services related to fuel analyses, fuel transport testing, fuel conversion under different gasification conditions, evaluation of the generated gas quality and designing of equipment for power generation from various fuel types.

  • Fuel conversion testing on our gasification equipment
  • Analyses of applied fuels
  • Sampling and analyses of samples of products and intermediate products of solid fuel conversions (gaseous, liquid and solid compounds)
  • Designing of equipment modifications to optimize operation and improve efficiency
  • Cooperation in research project proposal submission and completion


For fuel testing purposes we are equipped with two research units fitted with all the equipment needed for monitoring and recording important process parameters and sampling points for sampling of all products and intermediate products of the conversion. Sampling and monitoring the selected parameters of the equipment using our mobile measuring equipment is a matter of course, too.