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Designing Engineering is one of the main activities of ENERGY SERVICES Group. We focus on designing in energy industry and are able to provide all design services from pre-project preparation through drawing up of documentation of all project stages including engineering to author supervision and engineering supervision of power generation units and systems.

The main fields of the Design Engineering Department team activities include:

1) Technologies

  1. Boiler-rooms:
    • Warm-water
    • Hot-water
    • Steam
  2. Exchanger and reduction stations:
    • Warm-water
    • Hot-water
    • Steam
  3. Cogeneration units
  4. Cooling machine-rooms
  5. For the waste heat utilization and others

2) Piping distributions

  1. Warm-water distribution
  2. Hot-water distribution
  3. Steam distribution (including high-pressure)
  4. Natural gas distribution
  5. Compressed air and other media distribution

3) Heating, air conditioning, cooling

4) Field Instrumentation, electronic communication

5) LV, HV electrical power systems

6) Transformation stations

  1. Switchgears
  2. Electrical connections and others