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The Energy Research Center is involved in teaching students in bachelor's and master's degree programmes at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering both in full-time and part-time form. Lectures are conducted by senior researchers whereas exercises and seminars are organised by postdoctoral researchers.

At the Energy Research Center learning activities take place in well-equipped classroom and laboratories in following branches:

  • Power engineering
  • Rational energy utilization
  • Environmental protection
  • Testing of combustion devices, methodology and measurement systems
  • Operation, economy and management

Bachelor's degree

The ERC participates in education of bachelor's students in filed of study „Technology and Environmental Engineering“ a „Operation and management in power engineering“.


  • Combustion Basics (2nd year, Guarantee: doc. Dr. Ing. Tadeáš Ochodek, Lecturer: Ing. Jiří Horák, Ph.D.)
  • Primary Energy Sources (2nd year, Lecturer: Ing. Jan Koloničný, Ph.D.)

Master's degree

The ERC participates in education of master's students in filed of study „Energy Engineering“.


  • Combustion and Combustion Equipment (4th year, Lecturer: doc. Dr. Ing. Tadeáš Ochodek)
  • Diploma Thesis (5th year, Ing. Jan Koloničný, Ph.D., doc. Dr. Ing. Tadeáš Ochodek)

Postgradual degree

Education of doctoral students is also one of the main priorities of the Energy Research Center. The supervisors are:

  • doc. Dr. Ing. Tadeáš Ochodek