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The Energy Research Centre is equipped with advanced infrastructure and instrumentation providing the research teams with tools necessary for top class research and development with results applicable in practice. The scientific personnel apply the following technologies and equipment:

Research infrastructure

  • Measuring loops for thermal power up to 300 kW – They enable connection of combustion equipment supplying all or a part of its power in heating water. The measuring loop allows adjusting the temperature gradient as required by the experiments. It includes control, measurement and evaluation system.
  • Experimental research equipment for synthesis gas generation by biomass gasification – The unit is used for thermic conversion of solid fuel to gas using steam and oxygen as gasification media. The designed thermal power is about 80 kW. Gasification technology with a moving bed co-current reactor is applied.
  • Experimental research equipment for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis – It is a reactor for testing of selectivity of catalyst types. It includes gas cleaning system in three modifications enabling research and development in the field of liquid biofuel production.
  • Explosion autoclave of 1,000 l internal volume with accessories – The autoclave is used to determine fire properties of fuels and other materials.


  • Laboratory microscales (1 mg sensitivity)
  • Combined TG/DTA/DSC analyzer for determination of sample weight losses depending on temperature increase.
  • Analyzer determining characteristic ash meltability temperatures in fuel samples (coal, biomass, coke).
  • System for C, H, N and S determination in fuels for element analysis of solid and liquid fuels, waste, soil and other biological materials.
  • System for diagnostics of emissions from combustion processes including complete sampling apparatus – determination of volume composition of flue gas for CO, NOx, CO2, SO2, O2, H2O, CH4 and TOC.
  • System for determination of number of particles in different fractions in flue gas from small combustion equipment – identification of nano- to microparticle fractions in flue gas with controlled sample dilution.
  • Analyzer for determination of dust granulometry
  • Set for determination of self-ignition point of solids, gases and liquids
  • Set for determination and sampling of nano- and microparticles consisting of independent particle counter in nano and micro area and dilution unit for nanoparticles in high concentration.