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Within research and development, the Energy Research Centre deals with issues of combustion and gasification of solid fuel with a particular orientation on biomass. We are oriented on development of new energy systems, the energy transformation efficiency increase and a high level of the environment protection. We are also engaged in analyses and solutions of questions related to safety of production, storage, transportation and use of fuels, including non-traditional ones coming from renewable resources or produced from waste products.

Scope of activities

Research works are realized within many specialized fields, whereas our activities are primarily focused on:

  1. Improvement of technical level of combustion facilities
    1. Investigation of a principle of combustion processes
    2. Improvement of the energy transformation process
    3. Increase of equipment energy efficiency
    4. Reduction of negative impacts of solid fuel combustion on the living environment
  2. Alternative processes of thermic transformation
    1. Experimental verification of gasification in an autotherm autoclave
    2. Utilization of biomass for cogeneration
    3. Proposals and innovations for energogas cleaning
    4. Production of liquid bio-fuels of the 2nd generation
  3. Safety in power engineering and industry
    1. Identification of risks related to the use of alternative fuels
    2. Classification and management of risks related to chemical substances
    3. Evaluation of lower explosive limit of gases and dusts
    4. Problems of nanoparticles

A unique characteristic of the Energy Research Centre is a professional synergy among the research programmes. The gasification research is conducted in a facility with top equipment being the only one in the Czech Republic which enables experimental research in liquid biofuel production using Fischer-Tropsch synthesis in direct connection to gasification technology. Another unique initiative is the research in agrofuel gasification process in transition between autothermic and alothermic modes.

The investigation of issues of pollutant emissions from REZZO 3 category area sources is important with respect to emission balances. The centre has an authorized test room for testing of interior heating systems firing solid and liquid fuels. The specific emissions from combustion tests are analyzed and passed to Czech Hydrometeorological Institute for further utilization. (The centre is the only source of the data in the Czech Republic.).

As far as the explosion protection is concerned, the centre is the only facility addressing this issue in general, particularly with respect to the research of hybrid mixtures. The development of specific projects of this kind requires collaboration at international level which is absolutely exceptional in the Czech Republic.

The research teams achieved remarkable results in their fields in extensive cooperation with both Czech and foreign industrial companies.