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Innovation for Efficiency and Environment

Project number: CZ.1.05/2.1.00/01­.0036

The project is realized within the EU Structural Funds, Operational Programme Research and Development for the period 2007 – 2013. Priority: 2. Regional R&D Centres, Area of support: 2.1 Regional R&D Centres.

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as main grant giver and as Managing Body of Operational Programme Research and Development decided about grant for realization of project INEF with total budget 170.825.205 CZK (EU contribution – 85%, contribution from the state budget – 15%).

Project description

The objective of the project “Innovation for efficiency and the environment” (INEF) is the support of research and innovations in the area of facilities for the production of heat and cogeneration (combined production of heat and electricity) while using solid fuel, in particular biomass, in smaller decentralized units. These activities include the safety of equipment and used fuel, with expansion to the safety of the production of energies for other energy equipment.

The purpose of the project is the expansion of the research, development and innovation capacities of the Energy Research Centre (ERC) to the level usual for activities typical for a regional research and development centre.

Project start 01/2009
Beginning of operation 04/2010
Project end 03/2014

Project management

Technology pavilion

The first major investment action was the extension of the Technology Pavilion, which came into official operation at the end of 2012. Currently, the testing room and the adjacent laboratories are gradually being equipped with various technique, however, the core experimental technology will be a biomass gasification unit with follow-up Fischer-Tropsch process for production of liquid biofuel.